What form of usage really works?

  1. If you have an acute eczema condition it is important to calm the skin first. Use the products recommended by your GP. Do not use REHA products at this point.
  2. When the most severe irritation eases off, you can start using REHA products - at least three times a day. If your skin is very dry, you can use it more often. The body lotion REHA lotio is a better choice for large skin areas.
  3. The time needed for the skin cells to biologically renew is usually around 4 weeks (skin on face and neck needs aprox. 14 days). This is the reason why the longer application period is necessary, because effective results do not come quickly.
  4. Once the eczema disappears, carry on applying the product. it is important to make sure that the skin heals completely.
  5. Following this, use the REHA products whichever way makes you feel comfortable.

How many times a day and for how long should I apply the products?

Personally, I recommend a combination of the REHA special cream 2 times a day to support the healing and additionally, the REHA lotio once a day to lubricate the skin thoroughly (if you have very dry skin, then even more often). The application period is 8 weeks minimum. If you fail to keep it up for 8 weeks you are unlikely to get a successful result.

Are there any known side effects?

No. Products are patented and clinically tested and do not have any side effects. During the first week of usage you might experience light burning or stinging, which is a consequence of the exposed nerve endings in your skin. This is natural and it will stop soon. Do not worry and carry on using the products.

Where are the products made and what do they contain?

REHA Products are made in the Czech Republic.

It is a microemulsion system, which creates a skin protection barrier and helps the regeneration of damaged skin cells. It is effective thanks to its unique and patented blend of three substances: Medilan (purified lanolin), particles of micronized talc and zinc.

Can the cream be applied on the face, scalp, eye area and other sensitive areas?

Yes, it can. However, everybody's skin reacts differently, therefore we recommend trying the products first on a small area of the sensitive parts of your skin.

Can the REHA products be combined with other products, including corticosteroids?

Yes, the cream and body lotion can be combined with other dermatological products including corticosteroids.

Are REHA products suitable for children?

Yes, the cream and body lotion can be used by adults and children without any age restrictions.

Does REHA help to treat psoriasis and other skin diseases?

Yes, REHA helps to treat: eczema, dermatitis (e.g. nappy rash, heat rash), severe dry skin conditions, psoriasis and acne. Furthermore it can be used on scratches, burns, acid burns, sunburn and insect bites. It also supports the regeneration of your skin after dermatologic surgery (e.g. laser surgery or chemical peeling).

It protects against excessive dryness of the skin and it prevents dermatitis. It also acts as a preventative barrier and protects oversensitive skin, it protects against UV light (does not substitute sun protection creams), infections, the effects of soaps, cleaning products and detergents.