My name is Roman Sokola and I have suffered from atopic eczema since I was a child.

Its symptoms always varied - all my body was itching, I had deep fissures on my skin and dandruff. My skin was peeling off or suppurating with scabs. At night I used to scratch myself until I bled and then I suffered even more.

The eczema was mostly visible on my face, which was unbearable, especially during my teenage years. I was ashamed of how I looked and I thought that other people wouldn't like me. It left its mark on me.

My parents tried to help me as much as possible. They often used ointments containing corticosteroids. At that time people were not so much aware of the fact that its long-term usage can cause harm...

As I got older I started to explore the subject of eczema more keenly. When I found out what corticosteroids really are I stopped using them immediately and forever. Never the less a few years later, I realized that I suffered from cataracts, osteoporosis and osteopenia.

When I was 30 I suffered from diseases typical of people 50 years older then me. It was hard sometimes, but I did not give up.

I accepted eczema as a natural part of my life, but I still wanted to defeat it.

I tried whatever I could - ointments, creams, lotions, pills, holidays by the sea, healers, herbalists, baths, various therapies... Sometimes things helped me for a short period, at other times things just did not work and sometimes my eczema got worse. That is what happened in October 2015.

Then I went to a pharmacy and the pharmacists asked me whether I would like to try a new product- body lotion. I was hesitant - it was not cheap. But in the end I bought it and fortunately, two bottles at once.

After the first application my skin started to burn a lot and at first I thought it was a waste of money again. The instructions clearly said that the burning sensation is natural, as the active substances are penetrating your skin, and that the feeling would pass after a few days. The burning sensation did disappear while I was using the first bottle. There was no visible change in the eczema.

Today I am really happy that I bought two bottles. I started using the second bottle and applying it three times a day and suddenly my eczema started to fade away! I could not believe it. After a few days my eczema disappeared completely and I stopped using the cream. The last time I'd had a similar result was when I'd been using corticosteroids.

Then the eczema started to return slowly. I was angry and I got in touch with the manufacturer. They put me through to the owner of the company who explained that it was alright and that I should continue applying the lotion. It takes 4-8 weeks for the skin to recover during which time it still needs the active healing ingredients in the lotion. So I continued to use it and within two months my skin was healthy.

To this day the eczema has not returned. I still use the body lotion from the same manufacturer, just in case.

I have researched the cream and the lotion thoroughly. It is a chemical patent consisting of a high-quality Japanese lanolin, Italian zinc and Finnish talc. These substances are blended together by a special manufacturing process so that their healing effect is very high - much higher than when they are separate. And much higher than I had ever experienced.

I absolutely trust these products and I want them to help other people suffering from atopic eczema in the same way as they helped me.

In order to be able to introduce them to as many people as I can, I established a company called support for business, s.r.o. and I offer them online.

Best wishes for your skin,