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Andrea H.

A new concept in treating eczema - hurray!

I have been suffering from eczema since I was a baby. This mainly affects my hands. I get cracked, itching, dry and broken skin. Over the years I have tried so many creams, lotions and potions I have given up remembering. I am always looking for the answer. I have given up on steroids when I realised they were not working and also when I was diagnosed with Osteopenia.

The cream is white and reasonably thick. It does not have a fragrance. I have read that it can be used on any external body part and kids can use it. I applied a thin layer over my eczema 3x per day and it soaked in after 5 minutes. You are advised to continue for 8 weeks as the skin takes 4 to heal and you need to go beyond this point. You are warned that it can burn a little when applied and I found this was the case initially where I have broken skin. It stopped after 5 minutes.

After a week of using the cream my skin is much improved. You can watch over the week it healing from the inside out.

M. Oldfield

Hand eczema is disappearing!

I suddenly developed very bad eczema on my left hand last year, and have tried many creams, all which have not helped. I've also had many prescription medications from my GP, along with an ointment, which is an emollient, skin cleanser and bath additive. I've also tried sudocream which out of all of them seemed to work the best, but only by hydrating it. Nothing has been able to help the deep, very sore cracks or the inflammation. I even purchased cotton gloves to wear during the night so I could apply thick layers, but they also didn't work.

I was lucky enough to come across a man who recommended I try this, and I'm very happy I have. The inflammation has practically vanished and the deep, sore cracks I had have healed over. It was very hard to use for the first three days, as on application it stung a great deal, however I didn't give up. The cream is very thin, a mixture between a lotion and a cream. The stinging did stop and it continues to get better. The before and after pictures show the change in just 5 days! I went to a friend's for three nights and forgot to take it with me, so now it's a little worse again. It must be used continuously, so don't forget yours! I highly recommend this product!

Charlotte J.

We were really surprised by its effects.

Basic insight - my partner suffers from really dry skin all over his body. His arms, legs and face seem to be the worst effected. I was giving the chance to try this product so I thought it was a worth at least giving it a go.

This product is meant to help with dry skin. The bottle is quite a generous size of 200 ml. The cream itself is quite thin/watery. Within the past we have found that products to help with dry skin are usually thick which helps absorb into the skin. But we tried the product none the less. The cream or lotion (what ever way you want to word it) has a lovely smell to it, and not too overpowering.

After a few days of using the product we found that the amount of dry skin was reducing. Not completely gone but definitely less than it normally would be. As it's still early days this could help with the dry skin problem. The cream rubbed into the skin quite well and actually surprised us.

My partner was happy with the product and will continue to use this product in the future.